Target Professional Programs

Life & Health Insurance Agents
Professional Liability Coverage

Selling insurance can be risky business.
Protecting insurance agents is our business.

To our current clients: You know us as the 5Star Life Agents Insurance Program. We've changed our name to reflect our company division name but your coverage has not been affected in any way. You'll see that we've also renovated our Website to make it easier than ever to continue placing your Professional Liability coverage with us.

If you're a prospective customer, welcome! You'll find that Target's Professional Liability coverage is customized to cover the types of claims typically lodged against life & health agents -- even when the accusations may be false. What's more, Target's clients receive expert legal representation.

Top 8 reasons to place your coverage with Target:

1.  In most states, your annual premium could be as low as $475 (plus taxes & fees) for
     coverage limits of $250,000. (If needed, Prior Acts Coverage would be an additional cost.)
2.  Coverage included for:
  • Non-licensed support staff
  • Property & Casualty sales up to 30% of revenue
  • Fixed & variable annuity sales
3.  Prior Acts Coverage and Extended Reporting Periods are available (See Coverage Descriptions)
4.  Coverage limits range from $250,000 to $1 million. Higher limits are available for Crump Life Producers
5.  Deductible options from $1,000 up to $10,000.
6.  Easy, online application and renewal process with immediate certification upon approval and receipt of premium.
7.  Easy, online access to print additional certificates or request coverage changes.
8.  VISA and MasterCard accepted.

Additional Benefits for Crump Life Insurance Services Producers